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Diane Bonneau, MCC, PMC, Executive Business Coach and Mentor Coach

Mentor Coaching

Coach with the confidence and credentials that come from deeper understanding and dedicated practice. 

After supervising countless coaches, from newly-credentialed to well-seasoned, I have observed that many coaches:

o   Worry about their performance
o   Use the same coaching model and questions over and over
o   Get enmeshed in their client’s stories
o   Get led down deflective tunnels because the coach can’t see the real problem, opportunity or situation
o   Push clients through blocks instead of helping them understand the blocks’ dynamics
o   Are being too nice/patient and don’t say what needs to be said
o   Slip into the role of motivator
o   Are not directly or immediately addressing the flaws, bad attitude or resistance in their clients


As a mentor coach, I expect courageous dedication.

With 20 years experience in the industry, I have observed that the coaches
who run successful coaching practices possess abilities in three different areas:

1) Coaching skills – the ability to demonstrate and apply advanced coaching skills;

2) Personal foundations skills – the ability to manage their personal life so that daily challenges (finances, health, relationships, emotional well-being, etc.) do not negatively impact their coaching practice;

3) Business development skills – the ability to effectively set up, manage and promote their practice.


September 19 20, 21, 2019 - Fort Calgary
•Earn 20 CCEUs & 7 hours of mentor coaching
•Significantly enhance your coaching impact
•Receive feedback on your skills
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“I had the pleasure and honour to have Diane as my mentor coach.  Diane helped me improve my coaching skills dramatically in a way that was a perfect fit for my personality.  She offered me direct, no-nonsense feedback and advice in a very caring and constructive manner.  I also found her to be extremely knowledgeable – both in coaching theory and in her practical experience.  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and to learn from her.”

- Michelle Van Tol, CPA, CA, ACC
Professional Coach

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“Diane is a role model for the art of coaching. She is impeccably intuitive, charming, honest and wise. She has an innate ability to consistently strike a perfect balance of listening and challenging me, and she does it with such finesse. She is a source of inspiration and strength; my life has been positively changed by partnering with her.”

- Sabrina Millevoi, Professional Coach and HR Business Partner